About Us

The firm under the name Clickandone.ltd was created in 2016. Clickandone.ltd is an online activity which consists of passionate people with long-term experience in purchasing and reselling products. It is a website addressed to all the consumers around the world who are in search of quality, innovative and smart products. Our goal in Clickandone is to provide our visitors with convenience while buying, secured transactions and, also, a wide variety of products in unique prices!

Passion, to us, equals daily effort in order to achieve the best, not because we have to, but because we want to. Because it fulfills us. Armed with team spirit, positivity and optimism we continuously raise the bar when it comes to ourselves and our company.  With creative disposition and vision we find ways  to achieve our goals.
Our initial prepossession is the quality of our products, the consistency,  the liability and the best service possible for our clients.

We offer a wide variety of solutions that concern the needs of the modern consumer, facilitating the process of choosing, purchase and receipt of our products. We zero in on our client. This is why we are constantly alongside him, so that we can provide him with technical know-how and complete support for any of the products in which he is interested and , in that way, guide him to make the most appropriate and informed choice. Respecting and understanding the consumer’a needs we aim  at the guaranteed product’s quality and the instant service of him.