Privacy Policy


Clickandone considers it crucial for our clients to be aware of what types of information we collect when they visit our site. We use various ways in order to collect  information. First of all,the use of cookies is required to compile aggregate non-personally identifiable information about individuals visiting our web site. Personally identifiable information consists of unique information about you like credit card numbers, bank accounts, social security numbers, home address, email address and so on. This what information  most people consider as private and as the most important to be protected from unauthorized access. Non-personally identifiable information usually includes  things such as your search preferences, the types of products you have bought, how many times you have visited a particular web site, etc.This type of information is usually associated with a specific computer or even IP address but not with a specific person. "Cookies" are pieces of information generated by a Web server and stored in the user's computer, ready for future access. Each time you visit our our site  our server finds the proportionate cookie on your computer. All types of information concluded within that cookie are  used to customize your experience while you are visiting our web site. The following is a list of the information we collect: Email, Name, Company Name, Street Address, Post Code, City, Country, Telephone Number, Password. 


This information is used to serve the needs of the individuals visiting our site. Who you are is necessary for us so that we can verify the credit card information you have sent us. Various pieces of personal information are collected from you in order to complete the verification procedure. The non-personal information that we collect from you will be used in order to offer you best service possible and to make your experience with our site more comfortable. Any information that we may 

inadvertently collect from you, that does not service one of these reasons written above, is immediately lustrated from our system. 


We use the latest in encryption technology, including 128 bit SSL encryption to make sure that any sensitive information that you may have sent to us via the Internet is protected from unauthorized interception. We employ the latest in firewall protection to not let unauthorized access into our information storage areas. We preserve a quite strict hiring process to screen out potential employees with criminal records. All employees that we finally  hire have to sign a confidentiality agreement that doesent permit them to disclose any information accessible to the employee, to other individuals or entities. We also have back up servers and power supplies to guard against power outages and other natural occurrences that could threat  the integrity of your personal information. Passwords are required in order for you to log in to your account. In case an account has been terminated, measures are taken to remove those users from our system that no longer need access to it. When an employee is terminated or is no longer cooperating with the company, we immediately change the access codes which the employee used to access any customer accounts.  


Just the employees who are in charge of  handling your account can access your information. Furthermore, employees in our technical department may have access to your information so that they can conduct routine checks on the integrity of our system and in order to conduct necessary maintenance work. In order to process your credit card we will have to consult with an out side credit card processing company. These processing companies are authorized by the banking industry and must 

fulfill certain security requirements in order to be in business. The processing companies will have access to your credit card information, billing address, name, and maybe your telephone number. The processing company will contact the issuing bank of your credit card in order to get final approval to charge your credit card for any product or services we are providing to you. In case you choose to receive additional information regarding one of our services or products, we may pass your email address to one of our partners who offers similar products/services that you might find an interest in. Additionally, judicial requests by a duly authorized court will require us to divulge particular information concerning your account if that situation arise. At the end, in case our company is bought or sold, your account information will  become the property of the new owner/entity. 


You are given the choice to view your account if you wish to make sure the information collected from you is actually correct. You also have the choice of removing any information from your account that you want to keep private. However, please pay attention on the fact that removing certain information like  your email address, contact information, etc. may greatly hinder our ability to effectively provide the service or products you have requested. We suggest contacting us first to discuss which information you may want to remove without interrupting the quality of service we intend to provide to you. 


You can choose to disable your computer’s capability to accept or transmit any short of cookies. This will prevent us from gathering certain non-personally identifiable information from you. You have the option of removing yourself from any email distribution list that you may have signed up for too. 


We comserve the rights to change this privacy policy at any time. However, if any changes  occur, we will publish those certain changes to our web site and post a notice on the home page that a new privacy policy has been implemented. We will also take reasonable steps to contact you personally to let you know of the new changes made. Should the company be bought or sold to someone else, we will take reasonable steps to notify you personally. You will then be free to opt for  keeping your account open or to terminating it.